Sebastian decided early on that school was not for him, instead he found his passion in the world of film, photography, editing, and graphic design. He began practicing each with diligence and has taught himself everything he knows.

He started his career in Buenos Aires at a very young age shooting a multi million dollar cigarette campaign for Agulla & Baccetti, the most creative agency in Argentina at the time. He quickly caught the attention of agency executives worldwide. Within months, he began landing jobs with international agencies, such as McCann Erickson in Mexico, Ogilvy New York and El Cielo in Argentina, that flow of work continues unabated today.

Sebas has shot numerous TV spots and music videos for the local and international market. He has directed campaigns for Coors Light, Motorola, Bacardi, Coca-Cola, Honda and Sedal among many others. Lopez’s journey from high school dropout to distinguished director has made him one of the most sought after directors in Latin America.

He continues to perfect his craft, bringing a revolutionary vision to each project he takes on. Sebas embodies the meaning of an artist – he takes any visual concept and makes it come alive in a vibrant, incomparable way.